Mindfulness Based Supervision Training

Quintus Farrell

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Cambridge / Edinburgh



Wednesdays in Cambridge, Fridays in Edinburgh for face to face. Other times online can be arranged

Psychotherapy qualification:

Psychotherapy registration

MA, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapeutic Practice

UKCP accredited since 2016.

More information

In my work I have worked for over 25 years in body work and have a deep understanding of energetics, especially as they apply in Chinese Medicine. I spent many years at the Beshara School of Intensive Esoteric Education as a student. There, the focus is on the universality of thought and spiritual endeavour; everything is explored and understood in the context of a unifying whole, and the leading esoteric authors, from all main esoteric traditions, are studied at the school.

I work in a relational manner with the relationship of client/patient to the therapist at the core of our enquiry. Although I have trained in Core Process Psychotherapy my work has been informed by a wide range of approaches.